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We offer professional testing with a wide selection of paper and online tests that may be administered in your home by the homeschool parent or by another qualified person. We ship materials promptly (usually within 1 day) and return most score reports within 4 days. We also offer 24 hour grading, First Class mailed hard copy reports, and emailed "pdf" reports. Often called end of grade tests (EOG), all of our tests are nationally standardized with the latest norms available. We also offer IQ testing. We only offer tests that meet our high standards! All test materials remain the property of Brewer Testing Services and must be returned by the due date. Brewer Technologies Inc. dba Brewer Testing Services may be shown on credit or debit statements, simply as Brewer Test or Brewer Technologies.



New! STANFORD 10 ONLINE and OLSAT 8 ONLINE! No testbooks, administrator manuals or answer sheets to deal with. Take this very well-known, nationally normed achievement test for only $45. Add the OLSAT 8 Cognitive Abilities Test for our special price of only $45 more. Both are completed Online!!!

NO DEGREE REQUIRED - We will administer the test!

STANFORD 10® Achievement Test (grades 3-12) $45

We are pleased to be offering a cutting-edge, innovative ONLINE version of the Stanford 10, Tenth Edition, nationally normed achievement test (normed in 2018) requiring minimal computer system requirements. You may use a simple link that works with most computers, including IPads & Chromebooks) or download a secure browser that ensures security of the test and student data. (Grades 3-12) $45 This test is untimed and you will receive your score report within 2 business days or within 24 hours of test completion with Rush Setup/Grading. This test is a multiple-choice assessment requiring minimal computer system requirements (Windows 8, with Internet Explorer 11 or higher loaded) or (Mac OS X 10.11 and Safari 10.1 or later), a 17" or bigger monitor is recommended. Notebooks, IPads, ChromeBooks, etc. will also work! The student takes the test on your computer at a mutually agreed upon testing dates and time. For simplicity, all dates and times are eastern time zone. The test must be started & completed during the same month. A secure browser feature ensures security of the test and student data.

OLSAT 8 ONLINE (Cognitive Abilities Test) Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, 8th Edition (grades 4-12) $55 ($45 if ordered with the Stanford) The OLSAT 8 measures cognitive ability that relates to a student's ability to learn in school. It assesses a student's reasoning and abstract thinking abilities. When used with the Stanford 10 Online Achievement Test, the OLSAT supplies you with information you can use to enhance the insight of your traditional achievement test. You must order the OLSAT by the grade the student would be in based upon their age. It will help you to understand your student's strengths and weaknesses in performing a variety of reasoning tasks. This information will help you choose curriculum that will enhance your student's strengths while supporting their learning needs. Test Agreement

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Desired testing dates and times will be honored where possible. Please note that a complete business day is usually the minimum time required to schedule your testing date. Seating is limited and is given on a first come first serve basis. We recommend ordering at least a week ahead. You will receive an e-mail confirming the testing start date and time. Testing will normally take 2 consecutive days for the Stanford and an additional day for the OLSAT, but HS students often take the OLSAT the beginning of the second day. Estimated time is 3 hours per day for the Stanford and 1 hour for the OLSAT. Testing is available year round except weekends and company holidays.
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