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We offer professional testing with a wide selection of paper and online tests that may be administered in your home by the homeschool parent or by another qualified person. We ship materials promptly (usually within 1 day) and return most score reports within 4 days. We also offer 24 hour grading, First Class mailed hard copy reports, and emailed "pdf" reports. Often called end of grade tests (EOG), all of our tests are nationally standardized with the latest norms available. We also offer IQ testing. We only offer tests that meet our high standards! All test materials remain the property of Brewer Testing Services and must be returned by the due date. Brewer Technologies Inc. dba Brewer Testing Services may be shown on credit or debit statements, simply as Brewer Test or Brewer Technologies.



What Our Customers are Saying About Us

     These are just some of the emails that we have received from our customers. We are very thankful for the kind comments and wonderful encouragement. Our folks have affirmed that we are doing what we are meant to be doing. Thank you for that. Also, I want to be sure to thank my "behind the scenes" husband, who often goes unnoticed! He has been awesome in getting score reports out in a timely manner and for working with folks over the phone. His management, organizational, and technology skills have been invaluable to our business. He also makes working together an enjoyable experience. Thanks, Dempsey! We have replaced any mention of student names with a blank since these emails are being posted on the web. We are here for you. We would love to have the opportunity to serve you with your testing needs.
    Pat Brewer

Thanks. You all have been great, even with me a bit uncertain about this. Great service!
Brewer Testing is the best in service! You are always fantastic with your customer care and speediness. Happy Resurrection Day!
I am glad I found you; as you make ordering tests so stress free! Thank you! Debbie
Thank you so much for handling the refund and for getting our tests back to us so soon. The turn around time was AMAZING! I have worked with 3 companies in the last 4 years and the first I'd used had been the only one our school had used for over a decade - mostly because it had always been done that way. I was having issues and wanted to change. My first change was okay, but soon was not an option anymore. So, I started the search AGAIN. Finding your company seemed like just another change, but I have been so happy, Dealing with our missionary family was a new kink to me, and you seemed to handle it by giving so much grace for our situation. Then the phenomenal turn around time was in itself a reason to make me thrilled, but ALSO, the test result printouts were VERY easy to read and straight forward. Thanks so much for your service. It really was a pleasure doing business with you folks! A raving fan! Elaine Administrator, _____Christian School
Thanks again for providing this testing service. It's been a pleasure each year we've worked with your family. You make the process easy for homeschoolers! Blessings, Kelley
Pat & Dempsey, Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you offer. I decided spur of the moment this year to do the testing, and was very happy to receive my testing materials so quickly. I was equally pleased to receive the scores so fast. Thanks so much! Carolyn
Seriouslythis is my third year using you guys and you are the best..if only every company ran as efficiently as you all do! Thanks! Tim
Brewer Testing Services administers the Woodcock-Johnson. I highly recommend their testing service. Christina
Hi Pat, Thank you again for testing the girls. It was a very positive environment and they enjoyed you very much. (discussion of students) Again, you were great and that is why we are coming back to you. Thanks again! Laurie
Hi Pat, Thank you again for testing the girls. It was a very positive environment and they enjoyed you very much. (discussion of students) Again, you were great and that is why we are coming back to you. Thanks again! Laurie
Thank you for your patience with all of my questions. You know a lot about testing and homeschooling. You have made my first year with the testing an easy one. Also, your service is EXCELLENT! I'll use your service again and recommend you to others. Ruth
We certainly appreciate your excellent service. Blessings, Martha
Wow! What prompt service. Thank you so much, you came highly recommended, now I understand why. Jenny
Pat, Thank you for everything yesterday.....The children really enjoyed testing with you....We look forward to using you in the future... Tracey
I am just so grateful for your heart and expertise!! Take a few minutes for you,.............we all need you way too much!!!! I am a big fan of Diet Coke and Hershey Kisses!!!! I believe God is blessing your business because of the way you do your business!!! Cindy
Just in case you have not ordered or scheduled testing for your children, I would like to recommend Brewer Testing Services. We had the most amazing day with Pat. She created a calm, encouraging testing environment for both of my daughters and they were actually disappointed when the day was over. She was a blessing to have in our home!!! She was more than willing to help me interpret the results. My husband and I were very pleased and look forward to using her again next year. Julie
I just wanted to put a plug in for Pat too. We ordered tests from her last year and she was so timely in getting them tous, so organized and even followed up with an email to tell us they were on their way and to let her know if we had any questions. She is very organized and pays close attention to detail, which I love! She also went out of her way to help with figuring out which test to use, etc.. she came up with just the right test. I highly recommend talking with her and just seeing what she has to offer! Lori
I would also like to recommend Pat Brewer Testing Services to everyone. Pat tested my children last year. Pat is very knowledgeable. Not only does she homeschool her children, but she has worked in the public school system as well. My children were very comfortable with her. After the testing, I received very detailed information that was very helpful in planning for the next school year. Pat is great to answer any questions that I have. Jackie
Hi Friends, I would like to recommend Pat Brewer at Brewer Testing Services. Pat tested my son last year, and was able to give us some very helpful feedback immediately. Pat was extremely patient, kind, and encouraging to _____. She had a wealth of knowledge and insight. If you visit her website, you can see what other tests she offers. It also explains Pat's well-qualified background. I was quite impressed! Jeanna
I would like to second Jeanna's email. I, too, had Pat test my children last year. We had a great experience as well. Pat took her time, the children were able to take breaks as needed. Also, Pat was very intuitive to the differencesof my children andgave each of them what they needed. My son actually commentedthat he liked the test, and after being in public school and taking EOG's said it was much more fun. He was allowed to be creative! Jackie
Thank you so much,I really appreciate it, and all the resources you gave us. Have a great day. Thanks again, Leah Thanks, Pat! I really appreciate the information. I enjoyed our chat and am very pleased with your interest in _____. Thank you so much for agreeing to continue as her tester. Barb Hello Pat, Oh my.....you had a very long day today! Thank you so much for coming and testing my children. We all enjoyedbeing with you, and we had a wonderful experience. You are very gifted in what you do! Donna
You can go to www.brewertesting.comfor contact info. I have used Pat for two years and LOVED her! Jackie We were very pleased with your service. Alice Hi Pat, That was great turnaround! I'll be sure to use your service next year! Thanks, and have a great Memorial Day! Teri
Hi Pat, I wanted to thank you. A lot. You make a positive experience out of something that is potentially unpleasant in the boys' minds. They probably wouldn't admit it, but they enjoy being stimulated and challenged by your tests and they will admit that they enjoy working with you. You have been a blessing to our family and we hope it stays that way! Thanks again. Bruce
Thank you so much for your services :) Look forward to next year. Georgia Thank you! That was fast. We both enjoyed the testing process. Susan I received the results yesterday. Thanks for the fast service. Tammy Thanks so much, Pat. What amazingly speedy service! Sylvia
We used you folks last year for our testing and we were very pleased. Thank you for offering this service! Mahalo! -Emily
Thanks so much for the great service and rapid turn around. I'll recommend Brewer Testing Services to all of my homeschool friends, as well as to my co-op for their group testing. Susan It was a pleasure working with you, Michele
I want to thank you for the fast service. The quick service helped us in getting everything prepared for our next school year. Thanks so much for your help. Virginia Great service, by the way. Appreciate all you do! Danita
I want to thank you for the fast service. The quick service helped us in getting everything prepared for our next school year. Thanks so much for your help. Virginia Great service, by the way. Appreciate all you do! Danita
Wow, you guys are fast! Thank you so much! :) Deena Thank you! We really liked these tests much better than the CAT. We'll be using your service again next year for sure. Your help is greatly appreciated. Laura
I'm so glad I found Brewer Testing Services! They are so easy to work with! Pat Brewer answers emails promptly and is very personable! The testing materials arrive when needed, and the follow-up is prompt, much quicker results than other services I've used! I will continue to use their services for as long as I need the tests! Thank you Pat and Brewer Testing Services! Deena
Thank you for the wonderful service you provide. Danita
Pat,Thank you so much for your quick and thorough response. It helped a lot. I'll be ordering testing materials from you soon. Thanks, Carolyn
Hi Pat, I got the score. Thank you very much for your excellent service. Kuai-lin
I have three children and testing can be costly, however, Pat has been very good to recommend just what they would need and help me keep the cost at a reasonable level. I have already set testing dates for my children for this year. You can contact her and go ahead and get on the schedule. Pat's email address is pat@brewertesting.com . Contact her anytime. I am sure she would be happy to help you. Tammie
Thank you so much for your help and for your service. This is our first year using these two tests and so far we have been much more content with the tests than with what we have used inprevious years. I ampleasedto have found your Testing Service. Laura