Mail In Order Form - to be used for mail ordered Iowa tests only - not required for online credit card orders.

Iowa test materials can be used in your home if you agree to the test agreement below. Test materials will be mailed to you about a week prior to your requested test date. You must sign this agreement before your order can be processed.

  1. The test administrator must be familiar with testing, be a teacher, or have experience administering a standardized test.
  2. You must keep test materials secure before, during, and after testing.
  3. You must administer tests according to the publisher's requirements as outlined in the Examiner's Manual.
  4. You must keep all test contents confidential.
  5. You must strictly adhere to copyright laws that prohibit anyone from photocopying or reproducing answer forms, test booklets, or test manuals.
  6. You must not use this test as a practice test for a future achievement test.
  7. You must not label any student based on a single test score.
  8. All testing materials must be returned to Brewer Testing Services by the date requested on the order/packing slip.
  9. You should expect your score reports within 1-3 weeks.
  10. Test materials must be kept free of any marks since they will be used again with other students.
  11. You must pay for damaged or lost testing materials before test scores will be mailed to you.
  12. Your signature below indicates you understand and accept the above testing requirements.

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Note: You will receive order receipt, shipping confirmation, test return notification & score report mailing confirmation by email.

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Iowa Form A tests @ $42 each                    
Iowa Form C tests @ $47 each                    
Iowa Form E tests @ $52 each                    
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